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You need an impressive cover letter to get job interviews in 2017

We write impressive cover letters collar workers, managers, professional and senior executives in Brisbane. What do you need? A one-page cover letter for a job application? A two-page cover letter for a Queensland Government job? Yes, we can help you! Your new cover letter will make a great first impression. When it comes to writing an impressive cover letter, it’s little things that make the biggest difference.

Following our writing process, you will learn how to write a great original cover letter by keeping it real. A bad cover letter may cost you a great job opportunity. Hiring managers and recruiters scan cover letters in seconds. They know a good cover letter from a bad one. You need an excellent cover letter to grab their attention.

You must communicate your enthusiasm for the job. Remember, almost every job application you send will require a tailored cover letter.

Requirements for Queensland Government job application are changing. Some departments and agencies still use the Queensland Public Service Public Service Capability and Leadership Framework, but many are using a modified approach to recruitment. You still need to align your experience with the responsibilities and duties of the job and consider how you will be assessed. Trying to keep it to two pages is a challenge, which is why you should hire us!

Are you applying for a job in an industry that you have always wanted to work in? You must say so! In fact, your enthusiasm may top your experience for some hiring managers. A great cover letter can barely contain your enthusiasm for the job. We use a fresh and honest approach to pique the interest of the reader. We will align your cover letter to the job with concrete terms and match the tone to the company’s job ad.

YOU must always send tailored cover letters. EVERY TIME! Need some help? CALL US! 0416 151 1205

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