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ByShaun Michels

LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

linkedin profile tips

Are you ready to bring your professional story to life? Thousands of recruiters are turning to LinkedIn to find the best candidates. Use your LinkedIn profile to get noticed by recruiters. Start connecting with hiring managers today. It’s time to discover your next job opportunity! Read our LinkedIn profile tips now.

Do you understand your LinkedIn audience?

Who’s attention are you trying to attract? Recruiters and Hiring Managers! You need to understand this audience and tailor your LinkedIn profile to speak directly to them. Write your story to capture the attention of potential recruiters, hiring managers, HR business partners, or other useful business contacts.

 Tip #1 – Increase your Profile Strength with quality content.

Update your LinkedIn profile picture

It might cost a few hundred bucks, but we suggest you get a professional headshot. You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Make yours count! Include a professional photo in your profile and attracts more attention on LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn members with a great photo receive 14 times more profile views than those without. If you are in Brisbane, we recommend Ashley Irvine at Proshots Brisbane!

Tip #2 – Get a corporate headshot and put a face to your name.

Create a POWERFUL LinkedIn headline

Along with your profile picture, your LinkedIn headline is the first thing people read on your profile. Your headline speaks directly to your target audience, so include keyword and phrases they might use to find you.

Tip #3 – Make sure you keyword optimise your LinkedIn headline.

Tell your professional story on LinkedIn

It is important to use the Summary and Experience sections on your LinkedIn profile to highlight your career experience. It is time to show recruiters and hiring managers you are someone worth contacting. You must include keywords and phrases that demonstrate your excellent skills and boost your visibility in LinkedIn and Google search results. Now showcase your skills and expertise!

Tip #4 – Update your experience and summary regularly.

Share your quality work on LinkedIn profile

Showcase your high-quality work to potential employers and recruiters. Upload images, documents, presentations or links to your previous work, such as blog posts, and websites, to help people engage with you.

Tip #5 – Add compelling content to your LinkedIn profile.

Let your LinkedIn network speak for you

Have you got recommendations and endorsements from colleagues, employers, and customers? They can talk about your abilities and contributions. These professional advocates give you more credibility and help increase engagement from potential recruiters. LinkedIn says, “A little social proof goes a long way.”

Tip #6 – Ask for a recommendation from a colleague, employer or customer today.

Make yourself easy to find on LinkedIn

There are 400+ million public profiles on LinkedIn. Make sure people see your profile on LinkedIn. Your profile and can help establish new relationships with recruiters and hiring managers. Customise your public profile URL to increase your chances of appearing in search results. Make it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to find you on LinkedIn.

Tip #7 – Enhance your personal brand by creating a custom URL for your LinkedIn public profile.

LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

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